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There is a certain time in your life, for some midlife, when you suddenly realize you haven’t accomplished all the things you set out to do. Why haven’t I accomplished my goals?  You have to get real with yourself.  You begin to evaluate your life and question decisions you have made (or not made) that have resulted in you not achieving your dreams. Panic may set in and self-doubt. You wonder why the person who manifested these goals in their early 20s fell short. Why was the 20-something year old version of me so much more assured?

You look around and see all these wildly successful people and wonder how they did it. Most of them have the same challenges you face with everyday life, full time career, and raising a family. Somehow they were able to forge forward and accomplish remarkable things and sometimes 2 or 3 incredible things. I’m always in aww when I read about people’s success and what it took to get them there. At the same time, I think I have just as much stamina and self-discipline but my outcomes are not fully coming to fruition. I have the will power and the drive so what am I not doing that these other extremely successful people doing?

By most accounts, I have done very well in my career but I’ve always had bigger aspirations. I set very high goals for myself and have been very diligent with my steps to accomplish these goals. I wake most mornings with a plan and a positive attitude. Just ask my kids..I drive them crazy with my cheerful self in the morning. I get my coffee and have my plan of attack. Although I am the type of person who can’t enjoy a lot of down time, I wonder every day if I am doing the right things to get closer to my life-long goals or am I making wrong moves throughout the day that are preventing me to move forward. What are other people doing that I am not doing?

Then self-doubt will set in. Maybe I am not strong enough, fast enough, smart enough to make it happen. I’m a fairly confident person but these thoughts do sneak in every once in a while. I feel I am doing what I should be doing and the results have not formalized. Maybe I’m not doing the right things! Then I have to regroup and dust myself off. I tell myself not to let the negative thoughts control my behavior. If negativity creeps in I know my goals will never be obtained.

I venture to believe many people go through the same thoughts as they near midlife. You look at your current situation and decide if you are happy with where you are or do you have more to give. If you have more to give, you panic with the amount of time you have to make it happen. You hear all the uplifting advice including, remove all obstacles, never give up, stay focused, and I can and I will. If it was that easy, my aspirations would have been accomplished years ago.

I believe you have to take a step back and reevaluate your approach if you are not getting the results you desire. You don’t have to change your goals but you do have to do things differently. What do you really want to focus on? Sometimes we go in way too broad when we would have better results if we narrowed our focus. Another words get laser focused. Try not to pay any mind to your age or how long results are taking (easy for me to say) because if you get laser focused and you don’t give up, it will happen. I am a big believer in things happen when they should. You are setting things up so that when the time is right… BOOM!

March 22, 2017 9 comments
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