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Now that you are taking action on your goals and following your passion, it is going to get really hard so be prepared.  The reason it is going to get hard is because you’re probably not going to see results as fast as you want.  You may become frustrated so it is important to recognize the  victories, no matter how small.  Once you take action, it can be one month, one year, two years or longer to start seeing any kind of major results.  If you pay close attention you will see small positive things happen over time.  These small victories are bringing you closer to your ultimate goals.


After you have identified what you are truly passionate about and what gets you excited to wake up in the morning, time becomes a non-issue.  Every day you are doing something you love.

Patience will be key during this process.  People want it now.  When it doesn’t happen quickly, that is when we give up.

Small victories must be celebrated to keep spirits high.  If there isn’t a seismic shift, you automatically assume there are no results.  Identify one thing a day that got you closer to your goal.  It may be as simple as learning something knew.  These acknowledgements will get you through the challenging times and reward you for all your hard work.  Small victories will also keep you headed in the right direction…Forward!

During these tough times, you will think about giving up.  That’s okay.  Everyone who is pursuing a major goal will feel like giving up many times.  The reality is only a small percentage of of people actually keep going when it gets tough.  Most people don’t have it in them to push through the adversity.  As soon as someone gets tired and frustrated, they tap out and their goals are put to the side.  It will take tremendous discipline to get where you want to go.

If you have it in you, push forward when it gets hard and celebrate all the victories.  You will be able to represent that small percentage of people who actually makes it happen.


August 18, 2017 2 comments
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New horizon

Should You Take a Different Approach or Be Patient?

Many times throughout your career you will be looking to take on more responsibility and move into bigger positions where you can make a larger impact within the organization. Sometimes these moves won’t happen as fast as you want them to. During these pivotal times, you may get frustrated and disheartened with the organization. It’s difficult to stay disciplined and self-motivated. You want to take that next step but no one is taking notice. Worse, they are not giving you proper feedback on what you need to do in order to move you up within the organization.

September 27, 2016 0 comment
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How to Get Out of Your Funk And Find Your Positivity!

If you are one of those very rare people who wake up everyday feeling fantastic, this blog is not for you.  I would definitly consider myself a fairly positive person so when I am feeling frustrated, I have to figure out ways to get myself out of my mood.  In the workplace, I live by the motto leave everything at the door.  I know first hand how hard that can actually be.  Sometimes it takes everything in my might to put that smile on my face before I walk through that office door.  Being in a leadership position, people look to me to set the tone.  It is also my job to help others get motivated, energized, and feeling good.


The culture you create is critical to the success of your department.  You’re not just responsible for yourself but you’re also responsible for your team.  Before you decide to take on that Leadership role, remember it’s a big responsibility from that perspective alone.  Managing all the different personalities can be extremely challenging and you need to understand that before you move into a role where you are managing people.  It takes a certain skill set and it can be very trying at times.  Patience and understanding are key!  It’s also critical you set the expectations.

August 22, 2016 0 comment
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