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Female Pilot

When people hear I got my private pilots license, they typically want to know why I got into flying. Most people seem perplexed and fascinated, all at the same time, by the fact I fly airplanes. One of the first questions they ask me is if this was always a passion of mine, almost bewildered with my decision to take on this hobby. Each time I’m asked this question, the answer is always the same. “Yes, I grew up around airplanes but never had the chance to actually fly one myself.”

The Accident

When I was younger, my grandfather owned two flight schools in South Florida. Unfortunately, he died in a tragic plane crash on take-off with two other passengers. My grandpa Lew just finished a lesson and asked his student and her father (a personal friend) if they wanted to take a spin. A few of his employees watched from inside his business as he barreled down the runway. One lady, who had worked with my grandfather for a long time, told the family she knew something was wrong when he lifted off. Shortly after takeoff, the plane came down on the roof of a shopping center, hit the air conditioning unit and the plane ignited. Devastatingly, all three on board perished in that crash.

After hearing this story, you may wonder how did I keep the passion for flying. I can’t quit articulate how but the event did not scare me away. I remained fascinated by airplanes and flying throughout my whole life. It could be due to how I felt when I was at his flight schools as a child. I vividly remember all the people flowing through the operations. There were students, CFIs, private pilots, and my grandfather; who seemed larger than life. I remember several Miami Dolphin players coming through and getting their PPL. Of course, the shirts being cut and tagged to the wall after a trainee’s first solo is such an epic event. The whole thing was just so captivating and I never lost those memories.

When My Training Began

Fast forward many years, I would often talk to my husband about these wonderful memories. I always told him I wanted to learn how to fly. One Christmas he made this dream come true. Although it took me four years to call and make an appointment, I was hooked, once I took that introductory flight.

I began my training in December of 2018 and received my PPL in August of 2019. Going to the airport gave me a feeling I never felt before. Pulling up to the airplane, gathering all my equipment, unlocking the airplane, and doing the pre-flight was so exhilarating. I would get a rush of excitement. Anyone who has had a true passion for something, can probably relate to that emotion.

Flight Training

Flight Controls

Now That I am a Pilot

Now that I am a private pilot, I still get the same emotions when I pull up to the airport. What has added to this excitement is flying into the different FBOs across the state. A lot of the FBOs are so cool and they make you feel like a million bucks. In fact, the FBO in Tallahassee is named Million Air. I haven’t ventured out of the state of Florida yet, but I have a feeling that will bring an whole new rush of emotions I haven’t experienced. When I return from a trip, I can’t express the sense of pride I feel. I am so alive and proud of what I just accomplished. Flying has changed my life for the better! It is such an honor to be a female private pilot.

Now I get to share my experiences with you all. I have found a wonderful community who shares the same passion for flying. I look forward to discovering this world with you all and, remember, this is just the start of our journey. Keep coming back here for me more so we can share, share, share! My Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/outflyin_inc/. I would love for you to join my OutFlyin tribe.

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What is my purpose

My family and my career often define who I am but what is my purpose?  I know there is so much more about me that give purpose to this life. I work really hard at being the best mom, wife, and boss I can be. I acknowledge I am not always perfect but I do recognize when I need to adjust. The best advice I can give others and myself is to find the motivation that will continue to improve your life.

How do I find motivation each day? I am not going to lie, some days I wake up more motivated than others. Motivation comes in waves. What I do know, is when it comes; I take full advantage of these flashes of brilliance. I feel excited and focused and I do not want the feeling to go away. The best thing is to strike while the iron is hot. It is not easy keeping your motivation at a high level day in and day out. It is important to push through even when you are just not feeling it.

We are all individuals and get motivated in different ways. For me, it comes from the pit of my stomach. It is a feeling I cannot shake and I have to react. Most of the time my motivation comes from the need to blog. I need to get my feelings down and I get a thrill when I post. I write even if no one reads it. I do it because I love it. I write based on what inspires me and I hope it has an impact on others. It truly is an outlet for me.

What is my purpose

About eight months ago, I was promoted to a new job within my company. I have not written anything in my blog since that day. My priorities shifted quite a bit and I had to focus 100 percent of my time on the job at hand. Recently, I felt something was missing. What was my purpose? I realized I could be more than a mother, wife, and boss. I needed that creative outlet that was all mine. Something I could own.

I remembered how I felt when I was blogging. All of a sudden, I got that excitement back in my belly. I pulled out my personal MacBook; I cleaned it up, and juiced the battery. I am thrilled to say, I am back! That feeling came back when I was blogging almost everyday – pure excitement! Honestly, I did not think anyone was reading my posts back then. After a few months of not posting, I had many people tell me they were inspired by my words. One, I was shocked at how many people read my posts and two; they actually liked what I wrote. I missed this time I took for myself but felt I had to give 110% to my new career.

I have come to realize you can perfect all your crafts and not just focus on one. You can do it all if you are passionate. For me it is all about my family, career, and this creative outlet I have found, blogging. I am able to pull motivation from each of these areas of my life.

I enjoy finding ways to help people find their true purpose. How can we all become the best versions of our self? I like using true-life examples of what I deal with each day by being responsible for a large workforce. I am amazed by people’s work ethic and lack there of. I am surrounded by hundreds of different personalities and how the personalities make environment perform at a high level.

Your true purpose does not have to be one thing. It can be the culmination of things that provide you with motivation. If you can find your true purpose you will find the best version of yourself.

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Now that you are taking action on your goals and following your passion, it is going to get really hard so be prepared.  The reason it is going to get hard is because you’re probably not going to see results as fast as you want.  You may become frustrated so it is important to recognize the  victories, no matter how small.  Once you take action, it can be one month, one year, two years or longer to start seeing any kind of major results.  If you pay close attention you will see small positive things happen over time.  These small victories are bringing you closer to your ultimate goals.


After you have identified what you are truly passionate about and what gets you excited to wake up in the morning, time becomes a non-issue.  Every day you are doing something you love.

Patience will be key during this process.  People want it now.  When it doesn’t happen quickly, that is when we give up.

Small victories must be celebrated to keep spirits high.  If there isn’t a seismic shift, you automatically assume there are no results.  Identify one thing a day that got you closer to your goal.  It may be as simple as learning something knew.  These acknowledgements will get you through the challenging times and reward you for all your hard work.  Small victories will also keep you headed in the right direction…Forward!

During these tough times, you will think about giving up.  That’s okay.  Everyone who is pursuing a major goal will feel like giving up many times.  The reality is only a small percentage of of people actually keep going when it gets tough.  Most people don’t have it in them to push through the adversity.  As soon as someone gets tired and frustrated, they tap out and their goals are put to the side.  It will take tremendous discipline to get where you want to go.

If you have it in you, push forward when it gets hard and celebrate all the victories.  You will be able to represent that small percentage of people who actually makes it happen.


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My Quest To Help Create Unique And Thriving Company Cultures

I became fascinated with the way people interacted in certain social settings while I studied Social Psychology at the University of Florida. So much so, I was going to continue my education and become an Industrial Psychologist. Due to financial restraints, I decided to pursue my career in Human Resources and received a Master’s in Human Resources Management, while getting practical experience.  This career path put me in front of many types of Managers.

As a Human Resources professional, I was able to explore different methods of inspiration and motivation. I observed many great managers, good managers, insignificant managers, and terrible managers. I was also able to observe strong managers vs. strong leaders. There is a significant difference between managers and leaders. The biggest difference I found was the leader’s ability to impact culture and create a sense of togetherness.


I spent 12 years in Human Resources Management before I made the move into Sales leadership. Interestingly, what prompted me to make the move was a poor manager. Today, I am so thankful for this blessing or I may never have ventured into this crazy and exciting world of Sales. Nevertheless, I have witnessed how a culture can enhance or cripple the success of an organization.

I have been fortunate to experience several different cultures throughout my 23-year career. I have been involved in some amazing atmospheres and, on the other hand, some that completely lacked luster.  These unexciting environments do not produce the results needed for success.  People do just enough to get by because they just do not care.

I often draw upon my experience to teach others how to easily develop a thriving environment.  The first thing to do is remove anyone who is toxic.  Get the bad managers out!  There is no room for someone who will jeopardize the integrity of your culture.


I think back at a vivid time in my career where I had to deal with a demoralizing atmosphere. I believe the majority of the population has dealt with situations similar to mine. I had a boss who believed the way to manage was through intimidation. What he did not realize was this type of management actually demotivated people. Instead of making people feel they were part of something bigger, he made people disinterested in the overall goal. Additionally, he hired people just like him so it compounded the issue.

Unfortunately, the people around him felt helpless. Being one of those people, I started to become disenchanted and I wanted out. I felt extremely guilty about these thoughts since I knew I had people who relied on me. Although I tried to keep a stoic face, I know my team could read my emotions. In turn, I was concerned that would rub off on them.  The culture was is jeopardy and I did not want to contribute the failure.  It was time for me to step up.

I knew I had to bring life back into the environment.  I owed it to my team so I  got to work.  It would be an upward battle but I was determined not to give up.   I still had passion for my job and my team counted on me.  Leaders must realize the impact they have on their surroundings.

First thing I had to do was get my head back into the game. It was not fair for my people or me if I was not giving it my all every day. Furthermore, I could not expect my team to give me their best effort if I was not doing the same. I decided then and there we would persevere and create our own culture.  We had really good people in the organization and I needed to do what I could to save them from leaving.


Do not get me wrong, you have to be mind-strong if you are going to initiate a culture change.  It is extremely challenging and it requires you to step out of your comfort-zone.  You may face adversity but you have to fight for what you believe in.  That is what makes you a leader.  People have to trust you and know you have their best interest at heart.

From the beginning of my career, I have recognized how critical the culture is to the success of the organization. If the culture is compromised and you are in a position of leadership, it is your responsibility to take action. You must lead through the instability and find ways to develop comradery. If you do not react, you will be left with chaos and an organization full of mistrust.  People will leave.

Looking back over all my experiences, I grew passionate about helping others  create the culture they need to prosper.  No culture is the same, nor should it be.  It is important to know what you want to be known for and stick by those values.  Any compromise to those values will derail the entire mission.  Most importantly, make hiring and firing decisions based on your core values.  Do not tolerate bad managers.

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My Inspiring Interview With Dr. Lanalee Sam

I have seen Dr. Lanalee Sam at many volunteer and network events that I attend.   When it was time for me to choose an OBGYN, it was only natural for me to go with someone I have heard so much about within my inner circles. One afternoon, after an appointment, I asked her if I could interview her for my Secrets of Success Series. I knew she was extremely involved with the community but I had no idea to what extent. Dr. Sam’s story is fascinating and it will motivate you to get involved with purpose, do more, and make a difference.


Dr. Sam’s success does not come by chance. As a young girl, her father taught her the meaning of discipline, respect, responsibility, commitment, and consistency, which has carried with her throughout her life. These five (5) core competencies contributed to her success and helped her persevere in some extremely difficult circumstances.

When it comes to her business, Dr. Sam is passionate about the program she developed called my Elite OB program. This program is a concierge obstetrics service for her patients. Dr. Sam gives her full attention and focus to a small group of women each month. She only allows four patients in the program that are due within the month. These patients have “no wait” appointments, direct cell phone access to Dr. Sam over the course of their pregnancy, and a guarantee that Dr. Sam will deliver each patient herself and be in the hospital during the entire labor. This allows Dr. Sam to provide the right care and administer the outcome patients want and deserve.

Fifteen years ago, Dr. Sam moved to South Florida. While running her practice, Dr. Sam made a decision to get involved in the community and make a difference in people’s lives. She spent some time with the Boys and Girls Club and was a board member for the Women in Distress.

Coming from a dysfunctional marriage herself, she recognized many victims of domestic violence are not your stereotypical victim. Many of these women are educated and come from an upper socio-economic status. She also identified women who are married to wealthy men who threaten them with financial burden if they try to leave. Other women are married to celebrities and athletes.   In these situations, the celebrity/athletes supports the entire family, and therefore, the family discourages them from leaving the abuse for their own selfish reasons. Being on the board for Women in Distress, Dr. Sam could help make an impact and help women gain the courage and strength to leave.


A few years back, Dr. Sam found the Freedom Challenge, an organization that brings to light global human trafficking. According to their website, “The Freedom Challenge is a movement of passionate women dedicated to freeing oppressed and enslaved women and children around the world.” She joined the Freedom Challenge and successfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and raised more than $1 million dollars.

Additional scary facts about human trafficking from their website:

  • Every 30 seconds someone becomes a slave.
  • Today 30 million people around the world are enslaved. This is more than all the people that live in Texas.
  • 2 million children are exploited in commercial sex industry.
  • Average age of a modern day slave is 12 years old.

For more information or to get involved with the Freedom Challenge go to their website at https://www.thefreedomchallenge.com/about/

If you get the pleasure to meet Dr. Sam, you will think she is a total extrovert. The truth be told, she is a closet introvert and book nerd. She does not own a TV and would love nothing more than to settle in at home with a great book. You may wonder why she is so active and present in the community. Like most successful people, she has a strong need to make a difference, motivate, inspire, and educate.

Dr. Sam termed this as, “Those who can, MUST!”

Dr. Sam certainly can and I am confident she will continue to influence many lives inside and outside her practice.

The last item Dr. Sam and I spoke about was her involvement with the Unleashed Project.  If you want something that will take you 100% out of your comfort-zone you have to check out this project.  It was created because of the artist’s desire to help women see all their beauty (inside & out).  It is really magnificent and worth checking out here.  Do you dare to be unleashed?

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Find your Purpose

Why Her Love For Animals Made Her Find Her Purpose

When does a part time hobby turn into a full-blown success story? For Deborah Rosenberg it started when she decided it was time to go back to work once her twin daughters hit the 1st grade. The opportunity that would change the course of her life started by helping out a friend.

Although she had no formal training, Deborah had a natural talent for decorating and designing. When a friend needed guidance decorating her home in Weston, she was excited to help out.  The results were phenomenal and lead to more work. In fact, her solid client base grew from word of mouth alone. How did she learn this unique and creative trade?  “Through a lot of mistakes,” Deborah stressed.

After my own search I found many faux items that are durable and look nice.  Here are a few:

Her big break came when one of her clients happened to be in a meeting with the Discovery Network. They were searching for an additional designer for a show. Her client told them they must to talk to Deborah with DiMare Design.  Before she knew it, Deborah was featured as an interior designer on the network TLC.  From there, her business really took off.

Deborah is not just any designer, her story is unique. Her business was thriving; she was working with high profile clients and designing high-end properties.  All the while, she would receive emails about the inhumane and heinous ways the furnishing industry was treating animals.  It only took her to open one email to realize the products she was using went against her morals.

Deborah explained to me that she would never forget hearing the animals scream while being tortured and killed for their skin, fur, feathers, and hide.  She watched a video on dog leather and decided she could no longer do this and she was done.  “It was inconceivable,” she told me.   She was ready to change her entire business.  Deborah’s love for animals made her go faux.

Deborah took a step back and identified the resources she had available.  She was thrilled to find alternatives that are cost effective and extremely durable.  She would no longer use anything that are derived from animals.  According to her website, Deborah enjoys educating her clients about cruelty-free (vegan) design.  “If I can bring awareness to the inhumane treatment of animals by demonstrating that ultra-luxury interiors can be created without endangering the lives of animals, then I am doing my part.”

I asked her what it truly takes to be successful and she expressed, “It’s hard, really hard.  You have to work…work…work!”

Once Deborah started to go down the vegan path, she really found her mojo.  Every day she focused on bettering herself.  She remembers speaking to an older man (90yrs old) who survived the Holocaust, lost his family, lived through three concentration camps.  She asked him how he survived and he told her, “Every day I am going to be better than the next.”  She lives by his wisdom each day.

During her career as a designer, Deborah began to feel defeated, frustrated, and a sense she as missing something.  Deborah felt an awaking with the animals and it stirred something inside of her.   She knew she had to do something to make a difference.  She now had a sense of purpose.

About a year ago, Deborah proudly started a certification course, Certified Cruelty Free, which has truly become her passion.  It is a platform for education to provide cruelty free options to businesses.  Certified Cruelty Free is about becoming a member of a passionate community who are dedicated to saving lives of animals.  Deborah wants to see more and more companies adopting these standards and see such things as vegan clothing lines.  She told me her dream would be to have Stella McCartney have her certification tag on her clothes.  I have no doubt she will find a way to get Stella McCartney to the join the crusade.

What does Deborah see in her future? Deborah would like to have an Advocate Animals building with a strong community of textile designers joining the cause.  In addition, Deborah wants to continue to grow her certification program and make her course global.  She advised me that Australia is the #1 country for animal advocacy and, shockingly, United States is #3.

To visit Deborah Rosenberg’s website, to www.DiMareDesign.com.

To learn more about the Cruelty Free Certification Courses, go to www.CertifiedCrueltyFree.net 


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why start a blog

My Journey – This is Just the Beginning!

I was recently asked why I started my blog.  The answer for me was simple, I do this blog because I love it!  I have finally found the creative outlet I have been looking for.  It didn’t take me long to answer the question but I did enjoy reflecting on my answer after the fact.  The reality is I have 3 very active girls in club volleyball, I work full time and most people already see me as extremely busy with not a lot of extra time on my hands. I think those who don’t blog view it as an extra job.

I started writing my blog about 7 months ago. Honestly, when I started this blog most people would have thought there was no way I could include this into my week, me included.  What I found was that I made the time because I found a huge enjoyment out of completing one. There was a thrill I got when I finished an article and hit the PUBLISH button.  Even through, at the time, I knew not many people were reading it (if any).  I didn’t discuss this with anyone because I was embarrassed and worried people wouldn’t like what I had to say.

One day I got the nerve to post an article on LinkedIn.  After a few more posts, LinkedIn Pulse published one of my articles,  Should you Take a Different Approach or be Patient.  It was so exciting to see all the likes, shares and comments on what I wrote.  It was also a little nerve-racking!  I was anxious to open up LinkedIn with the possibility of seeing something negative.  After reviewing all the comments, I realized for the most part they were very positive and thoughtful.  If I read a negative comment, it was overshadowed by all the encouraging responses.

The response I received from this article, gave me the courage to show my husband.  Until then I think he believed I had some kind of online diary that no one was reading.  It probably wasn’t far from the truth. You could see him light up when he read all the comments and realized people were paying attention.  I will have to say, after LinkedIn shared my article, I was hooked.

I enjoy sharing my insight and I truly hope someone can learn and grow from my experiences.  At the same time, I know this process is allowing me to grow as a person.  I’ve explored and learned so many things about myself since I started writing.  I’ve exposed areas about myself that I want to change and realized many of my strengths and I want to sharpen. All in all, the process of starting this blog has been extremely positive and life altering.  I’ve realize the way to I want to carry out the second half of my life while helping people navigate through theirs.

Now that I have written several articles and was lucky to have one published on LinkedIn Pulse, I am determined to reach as many people as I can. I’m here to tell you there is no magic button to help you. I read as much as I can and it is pretty much all the same advice (good content, consistency, and promote with social media).  Although I’ve been doing this for 7 months, I’m certainly nowhere near where I want to be and it’s definitely not coming easy.

I’m at the beginning stages of this journey and I’ve just scratched the surface. So far, I have found Facebook and Pinterest to have more impact (engagement), even though I spent way more time on Twitter and LinkedIn trying to gain followers and traffic to my website. Moving forward, I am going to focus on Facebook and Pinterest and report back my findings. I will also share other avenues that have an impact on my follower growth and engagement. If you are interested in starting a blog of your own, first do it because you love it. Getting people to read your articles is hard work!


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Take Control

Step through the door!

Make it happen!  Take charge because no one is going to hand over the perfect job or career to you.  It takes a lot of hard work, sacrifices, dedication, and a will to succeed.  Do you have it in you?  Do you have it in you to be the best you can be?  Can you outshine everyone around you? Can you keep up the energy to outlast your co-workers?

If you work in a corporate setting, there are several things you can do to take charge of your destiny.

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