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Written by My Teenage Daughter – Morgan

Are you having trouble in school?  Do you not do well on school work or get good grades on tests?  Well, that’s how it has been for me.  The past few years have been super hard for me in school.  I haven’t been getting the best grades that I know I could get.  I was having trouble in most of my classes.

But…last quarter I finally go the grades I wanted (ALL A’s & B’s).  I worked so hard for them and then I finally did it!  I made sure I did all my homework and studied hard to tests.  Yeah, I slipped up here and there on a few test scores but since I started off the semester really strong, it didn’t really hurt my grades.

I had a little help from my parents.  They made sure I did everything and checked all my work to be sure it was correct.  I also have a different way of studying.  This really helped me  remember things and made a huge difference in my grades for my tests.  I now get a pen and paper out and read the whole chapter.  Whatever I I thought was important, I would write it down.  I would also review my review practice tests.

Also, I write down what I have for homework so I don’t forget what I need to do.  When I get good grades (As & Bs) I get rewarded with money.  For every A I get on my report card, my parents give me $25 for ever A.  It’s motivating because if I want the money, I have to get the As.


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