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Think Big

Will “Thinking Big” Stand in your Way?

Yes, you read that right!  Are you actually afraid of success?  Let me expand on that a bit with thoughts I have about this subject.  Several times a day, we are delivered messages to Think Positive, have Big Dreams, You Deserve Success, don’t let anything Stand in your Way, and the positive messages keep coming and coming.  I completely get it and I am one of those that love sending and receiving those positive messages for motivation and inspiration.  When I get these little reminders throughout the day, it get’s my head back in the right spot and it reminds me to keep pushing for my dreams.  But then…

I start to think about wanting more and achieving my actual goals and negative thoughts creep in my head.  Am I that selfish?  Do I expect too much?  I think about how fortunate I already am with the things I have.  I have three (3) healthy children, I have been married to my best friend for 17 years, I have successful job and make a great income so I start to feel guilty that I actually want more.  I start to think the people who have a lot less than I do and more unfortunate and how wrong it is for me to actually wish for what I am wishing.

Am I supposed to be content or do I keep driving for the end goal?  I know this sounds like a lot of negative talk that I do with myself but it happens.  Do people really believe in me or do they think all my “adventures” are nonsense and just humor me?  You can see how these thoughts can sabotage you and can stand in the way of your own success.   I have to give myself a pep talk and remind myself to always be grateful for what I have and it’s okay to think BIG.

You have also heard people say that successful people fail many times before they succeed.  I have certainly had my fair share of failures that took a toll on my time and wallet.  Sure I learned a lot from these experiences but, at the end of the day, they failed!  It’s difficult to see the benefit from these experiences since I sacrificed so much but I’m sure there are benefits somewhere.  You question whether this next adventure will be the one to actually succeed and this time and energy will finally be worth it.

Although it is critical to stay positive, I thought it was important to discuss some of the negative thoughts that arise and how you have to be your biggest fan at the end of the day.  Allow yourself to have these thoughts but work through them.  Remind yourself that you do deserve to accomplish your goals and doing so will not jeopardize your family, your health, or your sanity.  As long as your not putting yourself in financial ruins and you enjoy your experiences, keep moving forward.  Envision your success and show gratitude.  Once you can accept that you do deserve it and remove the road blocks, the opportunities will come and nothing can stand in your way. Don’t sabotage yourself!  Don’t stand in your own way!

Here is my wish for you:

You are now out of your comfort zone and you are getting closer to accomplishing your dreams!  DREAM BIG!

January 1, 2017 12 comments
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New Years

New Year, New You!

What’s your favorite holiday?  While most would answer one of the major holiday’s like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter; my favorite holiday is New Years.  Once I hit 17 or 18 and stopped waking up to a bunch of presents under the tree, I realized how cool New Years is.  New Year, New You!  I think it started for me while listening to the top 100 songs of the year.  I would listen in my room for hours.  I remember trying to stay up till midnight so I could hear the number 1 song of they year.  I don’t remember once staying awake long enough and would have to wait till the morning to find out but I certainly tried.

What I loved about those moments was reviewing the year and knowing I had a fresh start when I woke up in the morning.  It’s a clean slate.  It’s a time to reflect on what I want to accomplish.  I identify the skills I want to continue to hone, acknowledge and stop doing certain things that are not making me better (in fact, may be hurting me), and incorporate some new techniques that I’ve never tried before.  It’s almost feels like a cleansing but, as a teenager, I didn’t know what that meant.

During the month of December, I get excited about January 1st.  I’m able to see the possibilities in the upcoming year.  What do I want to accomplish for myself this year?  Is it the same thing as last year and I didn’t quite get there?  If that is the same for you, it’s okay.  You have another year to figure out how to make it happen.  What do you need to do differently?  Here is where you need to be brutally honest with yourself.  If you can’t recognize your faults, you will never figure out what is standing in your way.

New Years


We all have an opportunity to be great.  It’s the drive inside and the ability to recognize what we need to change within ourselves.  There is no better time than New Years to take on that challenge.  You get to say good-bye to the old you and welcome the person you want to become.  Do you want to be a better MOTHER or WIFE?  Do you want to be a better LEADER or TEAM PLAYER?  Do you want to do more YOGA or PILATES? Do you want to READ more or WRITE more?  What ever that is for you, New Years is the time to make it happen.

We all hear about New Years resolutions that go by the waist side by the end of January.  Why is that?  These resolutions were made because they make you feel better and improve your life in some way.  How do you stick to these resolutions?  I believe this biggest mistake we make is not writing it down.  We think it, we say it, but we don’t remind ourselves by writing it down.  This year make one of your New Years resolutions: writing down what you want to accomplish.  Make a little note next to each point and how it will make you feel if you accomplish that goal.  The shorter the list the better.  I would have three (3) and no more.

Composite image of new years resolutions against overhead of notepad and pen and coffee

Once you write down your New Years resolutions, make notes along the way.  This doesn’t have to take a long time, just a few quick points about how your are feeling.  In order to get in the habit, jot down something once a day.  This will keep you focused and engaged with your goals.  You will also be able to evaluate your progress along the way.  This is your New Years Challenge!  Let’s have a wildly successful 2017 and make sure it’s one for the record books.  Let’s forgive ourselves for the mistakes we made in 2016 and accomplish our big dreams in 2017!  HAPPY NEW YEARS!



December 30, 2016 2 comments
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Unfolding of the Mind

Can You Actually Visualize Your Dreams?

Your thoughts can be very powerful. It can change the course of your day or even your life. Positive thoughts can bring you joy and negative thoughts can bring you gloom. Although you have the ability to control your thoughts, it can be challenging to always be optimistic and confident. Often times you hear people tell you to make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant. You will also hear people say, “never give up on your dreams.” That means your goals have to be laser focused and well-defined.

Businessman torn between being positive or negative

What if you been wishing for something for so long and so strongly but it’s not happening. Now you start to question this goal. Will it ever happen?  Is it an unrealistic goal? What if you can’t be that distinct on what you want next? You have been on a journey and your life has taken so many different twists and spins. You may not know what you want to do next.

There may have been a period when you knew exactly what you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime but, as you grow and experience new things, your vision may get a little foggy. Life has thrown a lot at you and what you imagined 10 years ago may no longer be relevant. Your future seems a bit murky and confusing. So, how do you have laser focus on a goal when you’re not really sure what that next goal is? Does that mean you will never achieve your greatness because you can’t visualize the next step?

Blured text on vintage paper with focus on FOCUS

When you get to this stage of life, and most people will, all you have to do is keep exploring until the vision becomes clear. When the negative thoughts start to creep in and you begin to sabotage yourself, find a method that works for you that can interrupt these thoughts and move you to a better place. Yes, the power of thought will get you through this. These are the most challenging times. If you could just focus a little harder, have a stronger picture in your mind all your dreams will come true. People make it sound so easy but, the reality is, it’s not easy at all.   It’s not easy staying focused and positive all the time. Especially when things don’t happen within your timeframe.

New Goals - Text on Black Chalkboard.3d Rendering. Toned Illustration.

What if you adjust your goals? When is the right time to do that? You certainly don’t want to do that too soon and then you miss the great opportunity. I would suggest tweaking your goals if things are not happening as you like and you are feeling frustrated. Not dramatic tweaks but little tweaks here and there to see if you have a better result. Move into a slightly different direction but stay focused. The power of your vision but being smart about your moves can help you stay positive and driven.

Live your passion

October 26, 2016 0 comment
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Change Your Course And Learn As Much As You Can!

I have always lived by the philosophy, NEVER GIVE UP.  I still wholeheartedly believe in this mantra but what does it actually mean?  Should I give it everything I got even though nothing I seem to do gets me closer to my goal?  Hoping one day the results will change.  This could actually be harmful to your health and/or finances.  Even though you have a true conviction for something, doesn’t mean you risk it all.  Not everything you try is going to come to fruition.  That doesn’t mean you stop trying.  Be relentless but change your course!  Be careful not to continue down a path too long that doesn’t give you the results you want.

July 6, 2016 0 comment
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Why not me?  Why not now?  We are all here to make a mark in this world, although the journey can be very different from one another.  I am a 44 year old woman in an Executive position.  I am also happy to report that I am happily married for 18 years and a mother of three active girls.  Some would think I should be more than happy with what I have but I am on mission to find out how much I can accomplish in life.  I want it all!  If you are like me, you continue to search for the best within yourself.

June 25, 2016 0 comment
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