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How to Achieve Pure Happiness

Happiness is all relative and may change from day to day.  What you are really striving for is to be fulfilled with your life.  If you are fulfilled, you are enjoying things you want to do and doing these things on your own terms.  It is not easy to get this type of freedom.  A constant state of happiness may be difficult to achieve since life tends to throw you curve balls.

If you are ambitious and striving for more, chances are you are chasing the idea of fulfillment.  In reality, you have no idea how you will feel once you get to where you think you want to go.  Will you feel filled, will you be overcome with happiness, or will you want even more and dissatisfied?  You don’t really know until you get there, if you ever get there.

I want to take a different approach and think a bit differently.  What if you know you will never achieve all your dreams?  You wake up extra early every morning, write out all your goals, say your affirmations, maximize every minute of your day, put in all the extra hours. and you still don’t conquer the summit.  How do you achieve happiness?

How to Achieve Pure Happiness

I believe fulfillment in life and happiness are separate from attaining your goals.  Goals are about removing your fear to allow you to strive for more.  Fulfillment and happiness comes from other parts of your life, like your relationships with your family,  how ethical and sincere you live your life on a day to day basis, health, and appreciating the things around you (nature).  Often times, we are so focused on our goals we forget to enjoy what is all around us.

From reading my posts, you know I am a big believer in setting goals and putting in 120% to obtain them.  There are not many people in this world who are capable of massive success.  If you have the fire, nothing is going stop you from doing everything you can to achieve greatness.  It’s important to stop along the way and find your true happiness.

You can obtain all the riches in the world but, if you don’t have happiness, it is all for nothing.

August 24, 2017 2 comments
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