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Bad Boss

I’ve Worked For you For Several Years But you Don’t Know Anything About My Family.  That Makes You a Bad Boss!

Do you think it is important to know your team’s family? Recently I was speaking with a friend who most people would consider to have a pretty important job within an organization. With pride, she explained her role within the company and the tremendous amount of time she dedicates to her position. In addition to her job, she also has a family at home that she is just as equally proud of.

February 1, 2017 0 comment
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Mom and Career!

Being a working mom can be extremely challenging most times, and that’s putting it mildly. All working moms out there knows exactly what I am talking about. The second that baby is born, you are dreading the thought of going back to work and leaving your precious little newborn with someone else to look after. There is no way someone else can nurture her like I can. At the end of the day, you are a career woman so that’s what you do, you go back to work. You convince yourself your baby won’t miss you since she sleeps 90% of the day anyway. If you’re anything like me, you add to your family, and continue to have the same guilty feelings child after child. Don’t worry, I stopped at three.

December 10, 2016 0 comment
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Things to remind yourself before you book a flight for your children

I had mixed feelings about bringing my children on a big European vacation.  Let’s explore this decision together.  We will start with the preparation.  It sounded like such a great idea when we were planning the trip.  Think of all the beautiful memories we will make as a family; memories that will last us a life time.  I envisioned all the great talks about the sites you will be taking in, the laughs, the great food, and the smiles.  You think about how these experiences will mold them into good human beings and how it brings you together as a family.  Then reality sets in!  It hits you after the tickets are paid for and you are beyond committed.  You realize this is a very expensive trip and are they even going to appreciate it.

It started to sink in when it came time to pack.  Not only did I have to pack for myself, which is already a daunting task, but now I have to think about three kids, three suitcases, and clothes enough for 10 days (for three kids).  One silver lining was my oldest daughter was leaving a few weeks before us to head to Germany.  Therefore, we had one down and two to go.  Now all packed up and ready to go, their little, or shall I say, their BIG personalities start to kick in.  Seemed to happen right on point, as we headed to the airport.  I think to myself, it’s ok we will get through this, they will soon be too excited to argue over silly stuff.

We have a long 9 hour flight in front of us and I just know they will get some sleep.  Even though there are hundreds of people on this flight, my girls seem to think they are the only two on this plane.  Speaking loudly, arguing over who gets the window seat, which one gets which electronic.  No matter how many different electronics you bring in order to occupy their time, they both want the same electronic at the same exact time.  I’m absolutely amazed to think these girls have anything to be upset about when we are about to tour Europe.  How many 10 and 12 years olds have an opportunity like this?  That doesn’t seem to be part of their mindset.  The only thing they care about at that moment is who can have the Beat headphones and everyone around them is curious who will win over.  Maybe its not curiosity, just a yearning for them to finally be quite.  Of course we (the parents) interject but it takes an escalation to settle things down.

Once seats have been claimed and electronics are declared things were beginning to look up.  We have a 9 hour flight in front of us.  Now it’s time for a little shut eye.  We get to Manchester at 3AM US time and 8AM England time.  This should be interesting.  Stay Tuned!

July 21, 2016 0 comment
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Why not me?  Why not now?  We are all here to make a mark in this world, although the journey can be very different from one another.  I am a 44 year old woman in an Executive position.  I am also happy to report that I am happily married for 18 years and a mother of three active girls.  Some would think I should be more than happy with what I have but I am on mission to find out how much I can accomplish in life.  I want it all!  If you are like me, you continue to search for the best within yourself.

June 25, 2016 0 comment
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