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Why do we make excuses for our inability to achieve our goals?  It is time to get real with yourself.  If you are not achieving your goals, it is because you are not trying.  A half ass attempt won’t work either.  Excuses get in the way of your success!  You develop the reasons in your brain that hinder you from moving forward.  You use excuses as a crutch.  When you can remove excuses and own the situation, you can begin to understand what is standing in your way and what you need to do differently to achieve your goals.


It is time to take ownership over your decisions.  If you are only doing the basics, you will not achieve the results you want.  It w ill not happen – Period!  Take away the excuses and take action.  Get real with yourself!

Taking action does not have to be overwhelming.  Again, another excuse.  Clearly identify your goal and get to work.  The point is, take action!  I know this sounds easy…. because it is.  Set small goals for yourself that will lead to your ultimate goal.

The key is to hold yourself accountable.  A good way to keep yourself accountable is to tell someone what you are trying to accomplish.  That person can check in with you every once in a while to make sure you are still on point.  How embarrassing would it be to tell that person you are not taking the action you explained to them?  Ah… that is where all the excuses will creep in. Stop making excuses!  It seems absolutely crazy you would make up excuses when you want something so badly.    You need to ask yourself how bad do you really want it.  If the answer is an emphatic…Really Bad, nothing should stand in your way.  So, why do so many people do the basics and expect greatness? Excuses

People do not reach greatness because they are not willing to put in what it takes,  They don’t take action and they come up with excuses.  They want a reason why they can’t take action.  The reality is you only need to accomplish one small goal each day.  Your excitement will grow and your daily goals will get bigger.  Before you know it, you will be so far down the road and your ultimate goal will be in reach.  Remember, one small goal each day.  Schedule it in your day.  Give yourself a reminder.  Wake up early so time doesn’t become an excuse.  Take action and lose the excuses for heaven sakes!


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why working weekends will contribute to your success

Are you working today?  Do you plan to work tomorrow?  If you answer no to these questions, why not?  Yes, I know it’s the weekend but who cares.  You committed all week to take action and get closer to your goals so why stop on the weekend.  Saturdays and Sundays should give you even more time to work and commit to yourself.  Don’t use weekends as an excuse not to hustle.  If you have family and friend commitments this weekend, that is great; but block out time to work.  Hustle harder than anyone else.

You’ve asked yourself what it takes to really succeed.  I’m here to tell you that the truly successful people work weekends.  It’s time to step it up a notch.  Don’t complain things are happening for you if you’re not willing to work harder.  If you’re not tired then chances are you are not putting in the effort it takes to be successful.  You will have time to take a break later.  Right now you have more important things to do.


Remember, this is your passion.  If you believe in your goals than taking breaks on the weekend doesn’t make sense.  Of course I believe in family time.  Therefore, if you need to wake up a few hours early so you don’t interfere with family time, do it!  If you need to stay up a few hours after you put the kids to bed, do it!  Just stop making excuses.

Excuses will get you nowhere.  Remove all the obstacles that are standing in your way.  That includes excuses.  If you are not working today, rethink that plan.  You are doing yourself an injustice.  Go ahead, get motivated.  Make a plan and determine what you want to accomplish today.  Block out the time in your schedule and hustle.  Think about how good you will feel once you incorporate weekends into your overall plan.  Go!

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