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How Will Managers’ Incompetence Ruin the Company Culture?  I recently read a blog from Seth Gobin about the Peter Principle.  The Peter Principle states that if you do a good job, you get promoted, until you reach a job where you’re incompetent, and there you stay!  In other words, many organizations have  people in certain jobs that are not effective.  “Managers rise to the level of their incompetence.”

Let the Peter Principle really sink in for a moment. What this is telling us is that we have many managers leading people who have no business being in their current positions.  Think about what their incompetence is doing to the culture of that company.

According to a Dale Carnegie whitepaper (Recognizing Leadership Blind Spots and Discovering the Road to Motivating Your Employees), “Just 15% of employees strongly agree the leadership in their company makes them enthusiastic about the future.  In another study, only 23% say that their leaders, overall, are effective.  Those statistics are mind-blowing.

If a company truly understands the importance of culture they must address and fix the people issues.  Y  We must ensure we have the right people in the right places.  If we have incompetent managers anywhere in the organization, the culture will never thrive.

The numbers don’t lie.  Analyze your management team and determine who is an who isn’t effective.  Act swift and make the right changes.

August 4, 2017 1 comment
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