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How do You Motivate Your Children

How do you motivate your children?  What type of motivational talks are appropriate?  Their minds and experiences aren’t the same as adults.  How do you really get through to them and explain how important their actions impact the rest of their life?  I not talking about morales you teach and the right from wrongs, I’m referring to lighting that fire within them.  As parents, do we have the ability to pull something out of them at a very young age?

Can we inspire a child early on by giving them strong motivational talks or are the teachings above what they can comprehend?  Can we have the influence on children the same way we do adults?  I believe everyone’s motivation is innate, including children.  Just like adults, some children can be motivated and other’s it may take an act of God.  Our job as parents is to get to the core of what and where you can push and inspire, so w can bring the best out of our children.

I had a personal situation this morning that made me think even deeper about how motivation can influence children.  I have three daughters that are all on varying degrees of the motivational spectrum.  One is and always has been very self motivated.  One is self motivated but needs a little push here and there.  One needs to be pulled like a stubborn horse that doesn’t want to go back into the stable.

I had my two younger daughters in the car, in the drop of lane, when we started to discuss upcoming opportunities at school.  We talked about different sport programs they would try out for and running for student council.

How doYou Motivate Your Children

A little background, my middle daughter is the more reserved one of the three.  She doesn’t really like to put herself out there unless she is pushed.  At the beginning of last year, she let me know she was going to run for class representative.  Although I strongly encouraged her to do so, I was a little nervous since this was her first year at the school and she didn’t know a lot of people.  Most of the kids at the school have been together since kindergarten.  I was proud of her for having the courage to run.  It was completely unexpected and out of character.  To our surprise, she won the election and was 7th grade class represenative.  This was a great start of the school year and definitely gave her a boost of confidence.  She went on to run for school PRESIDENT at the end of last year and WON.

Now, for my youngest daughter, she has more confidence wrapped up in her little body than anyone I know.  She fears very little and she is willing to put herself out there more than anyone else in the family.  I was completely baffled when she told me she didn’t want to run for class representative because she was afraid to lose.  She would be embarrassed if she lost since her sister is the President of Student Council.

This got me thinking!   Can my words motivate her and push her through her fear to run for class representative?  Children need to take advantage of these opportunities to grow, even if they don’t win.  Conquer their fears and start the learning young!  You are not going to win everything and you learn from failure.  There is nothing they should be embarrassed about.  At the very least, they should be proud of their courage.  It’s difficult to explain this to an eleven year old so how influential can motivational talks be to young kids?  We will find out!


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Leader with a vision

You Have to Have Vision if You Want to Change Communities

My next interview is with Executive Director for Overtown Youth Center, Tina Brown.  Learn how she made it through adversity by being the first family member to finish High School and College.  Tina is now doing amazing things in the community and her vision is bigger than you can imagine.

Tina leads with compassion and is passionate about people and empowerment.   She understands her role is bigger than herself and she must be the voice of the community.  Tina believes in herself and has the confidence she can fight for equality and equity and will influence the educational and social gaps that exist.

Please tune back if you want to be inspired and hear a story about someone who beat all the odds and is now fighting for others to have the same opportunities she made for herself.


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Ellen Latham – Founder of Orange Theory

Right off the bat I was mesmerized by her passion.    Her voice was strong, captivating, and enthusiastic. I was fortunate to interview Ellen Latham, Founder of Orange Theory to discuss her unique journey and to get her perspective on what it takes to become successful- Momentum Shifting Up

Before beginning the interview, I explained that the purpose of my blog was to dive deep to expose the core elements needed for success. People who truly strive to take their careers and lives to the next level need guidance and encouragement. They view women like Ellen as role models who can provide a road map to help achieve their goals and aspirations. 

Your fitness journey has always been measured neatly with “before” and “after” photos, but we know better. You, our #Orangetheory family, look at fitness differently. You are in a constant state of improvement. There is no stopping you. There is no after photo because “after” is a myth. A crutch. You never stop burning for improvement and your fitness journey never ends. #ThereIsNoAfter#KeepBurning with a free introductory workout today! http://bit.ly/2dqPWyP

Posted by Orangetheory Fitness on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Knowing that she could help others, Ellen quickly jumped into her fascinating story.  Ellen’s father was a football coach and taught her from a very young age the concept of “momentum shifting up.”  His theory was that players needed to focus on what they have and not on what they don’t have.  His goal was to bring players into the right mind set rather than focusing on falling short or losing.  In Ellen’s words, “looking at life’s glass as half full.” Her father’s philosophy provided a sound principle which would help guide Ellen’s life

When Ellen was let go from her high paying job, the single mother adhered to her father’s advice. Looking back on this time, she believes it was the pivotal moment that got her to where she is today.  I asked how she was able to turn a seemingly devastating event into positive change when so many others would crumble. She simply stated, “focusing on what I had and not on what I didn’t have.”  What she had was the ability to teach Pilates. She decided at that moment she was going to be the best Pilates instructor she could possibly be…No one would be better.  Ellen would put all her energy into her passion. 

She started teaching Pilates out of her house, sometimes two women per hour.   “What were her neighbors thinking,” she often jokes.  Ellen grew her clientele to the point where she was be able to lease a small space and become a more legitimate business.

I asked Ellen if she always had big dreams.  She chuckled and stated at the time she was just worried about paying her rent.  She never imagined growing her passion for Pilates into a large franchise.  

Ellen believes that some people try to think of the big idea first instead of just perfecting what they are really good at.  She said, “Be the best you can be and build and build. Some people just do it backwards.”  

Ellen owned and ran a very successful Pilates studio in Davie, FL. She decided to move to a larger studio and combine it with a metabolic workout.  One of her clients approached her about speaking to her husband who had a proven track record for launching franchisesShe told her client she didn’t have any interest.  In reality, she didn’t think she could do it!  She refers to this stage as not being on the “I Can” channel.  Looking back she now knows that her channels were all “messed up.”  

Ellen talks about how women tend to think they can’t do the big things and believe their brains have been wired this way, especially her generation.  (Ellen is in her 60s and Orange Theory was developed when she was 55yrs old)  She told me that luckily for her and for others, brains could be re-wired through a process called Neuroplasticity.  

Neuroplasticity: “The brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment,” According to Medicine.net

I watched a video of Ellen and was very impressed with her public speaking ability.  Knowing that she couldn’t have had a tremendous amount of training in front of large groups as a Pilate’s trainer; I asked her if that came naturally.  She said, “absolutely not.”  She hired a public speaking coach who taught her how to cultivate stories on stage.  Just like the rest of her career, she put all her effort into learning and found a way she could become the best public speaker she could be. 

Lucky for Ellenher clients husband called the following week and she picked up the phone.  She thought to herself, could it hurt to have a conversation?  Can you imagine if she stayed in the I can’t channel and never explored the “I can” channel.  Orange Theory may have never have been born.  The company started franchising in 2010 and now has more than 400 studios in 38 states and seven countries with more tremendous growth to come in 2017.

Believe it or not, Ellen does have some time for fun.  Ellen just moved to the East side of Fort Lauderdale and is enjoying the water and all the outside activities that come along with living east.  She loves to just hop on her bike and go.

Courtesy of Trip Advisor

Wonder what Ellen will do next? Ellen is enjoying public speaking so much she wants to continue to perfect her skills.  She sees herself talking at several women’s groups to help other women build their confidence to finally say why not me…why can’t I!  Ellen did sneak in at the end,“I would like to find a little balance in my life, as well.” That may be case, but my theory is that she won’t be slowing down any time soon!

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Confidence in the Workplace

5 Easy Steps to Build Back Confidence

Even the most confident individuals will lose confidence in the workplace at certain points throughout their career.  Maybe you just started a new job, you bombed a presentation, you didn’t complete an important project on time, or you realized you have toilet tissue coming out from under your skirt and you just walked by the big boss.  In any of these cases, your confidence can waiver.  Oh no, what are people going to think of me?  How do I fix this?  What’s important is that you recognize what you are going through and accept it.  Once you identify the issue and accept it, you can get past the moment and get stronger.

Anyone who is a high achiever wants to be their best at all times.  If something gets in their way, they may rethink their abilities.  At the same time, high achievers will quickly gain back their confidence and grow from the situation.

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