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Why motivational advice is important

As I reflect on my day, I realize how much I had to rely on my own motivational advice.  Today just felt like an off day even though I didn’t want it to be.  I do try to get the most out of each moment but I noticed there were several times throughout the day I wasn’t feeling excited and motivated.  I felt frustrated because things weren’t happening as fast as I wanted them to.

It is important to understand this is everyone’s struggle.  No matter what phase you are in life, there will be moments you get into a funk and you have to dig deep to get yourself out.  The key is to not stay there very long and become complacent.  You have to figure out what is causing you distress and tackle it.  Sometimes it won’t be obvious so you may have to just completely shut down and think.

Why motivational advice is important

While I drove around to appointments, I decided to turn off the radio and my phone.  I allowed myself to enjoy pure silence and just thought about how I was feeling.  During those moments, I knew I had to take my own advice.  I had to pick myself up and give myself an internal pep talk.  Maybe it wasn’t so internal!

I talk about working hard, using every moment wisely to accomplish your goals, and be patient.  It’s not always that easy to be positive.  At times you just have to go through the motions to keep yourself moving forward.  That works just as long as you don’t give up.  The key is to keep going!

If you have big dreams and you are working hard towards those dreams, you will get tired along the way.  Being tired could demotivate you for a time being and you will have to re-juice.  Just make sure you are not in this space too long.  If that happens, it may be that much harder to get going again.

Give yourself pep talks.  You will need them!

August 23, 2017 2 comments
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