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Why do I Live an Average Life

I remember the moment I asked myself, why do I live an average life?  That is the moment I decided I needed to change everything.  I needed to change my morning routine, how I communicated with people, how often I exercise, how much I drink, and how much I focus on making myself a better person.

Over the past several months, I have completely changed the way I operate my life.  I like to wake up at least an hour before my girls rise for school.  Mind you, I was not doing this six months ago.  Six months ago I was getting only fifteen minutes prior to the girls and that was just to take a shower.  That did not leave me much time to do anything for myself.  Now I use this time to write my blog post for the day or I spend time reading.  I find the mornings I have the most creativity and best concentration so I want to take full advantage of my creative state.

By the time the girls wake up, I have already accomplished a tremendous amount and I feel immense fulfillment.  Many times, I’m left wanting more.   Six months ago, I could have never said this.  I was going through the motions and not doing anything that was getting me closer to my goals.  I was getting ready for the day, dropping the girls off at school, and then driving my 45 minute commute to work.  Frankly, my day really didn’t get started until I walk through the doors at my job.  It was very monotonous and predictable.

I felt average even though I strived for much more.  What I didn’t realize at the time, I was doing it all wrong.  I would often think to myself what I was doing wrong.  If I just knew what I needed to , I would do it.  It wasn’t what I was doing wrong, it was what I wasn’t doing.  I was stuck in the predictable trap and not growing.

Why do I Live an Average Life

I was doing what most somewhat successful people do.  I worked hard, I got involved with different charities, I became a Board Member, I signed up for different networking groups and attended meetings here and there.  I was oblivious and truly thought this was all I had to do to achieve greatness.  I was so frustrated when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

Imagine that, just doing the basics did not get me to the results I was craving.  I look at the things I am doing now and it is so much more than what I did six months ago.  I wake up each morning with a with a clear purpose.  I look at time as a precious asset and something I need to maximize.  If I find myself drifting to actions that will not benefit my goals, I snap myself out of it, and get back on track.  I never viewed my time this intently before.  I am more focused on learning and stepping out of my comfort-zone.  I now want to feel uncomfortable because then I know I am doing and growing.

I look back now and understand how average I was, even though I had a burning desire inside of me to obtain greatness.  I can now see the ability to obtain what I have set out to do.  Six months ago I had way too many roadblocks that I put in my own way.  Some of these roadblocks I didn’t even know I had until I started down this path.  I have now removed most roadblocks, even though I discover different roadblocks standing in my way all the time.  I have several ah-ha moments where I realize I what is holding me back.  You learn a tremendous amount about yourself through the process.  You will realize you can actually accomplish more than you even thought possible once you start making better decisions.

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