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Why I became a pilot

I became a pilot because I wanted to challenge myself on a whole different level. People are amazed when they learn that I fly airplanes. They think I am brave and courageous, which I can understand a bit. If you have never been in a private plane I can see how people can think flying an airplane could be scary. What I realized is how much safer you feel when you are actually in control of the airplane.

Becoming A Private Pilot

This experience of becoming a private pilot has changed me in so many ways. I realize when you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything you want. No one can stop you because you are in charge of your own thoughts, actions, and destiny. Becoming a pilot made me realize there is so much more out there to accomplish and we now have the ability to explore the world. I do see getting your private pilots license as a huge accomplishment. Not just for the flying aspect but, for reaching higher and thinking bigger.

Flying Give Me Inner Strength

Flying gives me a sense of inner strength that I never knew I had. It made me look at my life in a much different way. I use to look at life in short windows and smaller goals. Now I see how big this world can be and what impact you can make.

Put Yourself Out There

It’s time to put yourself out there. It doesn’t matter your age or the circumstances you are in, just take action. You don’t have to take major leaps, just do something small every single day. Write in a journal and document your progress. I challenge you to do this over the course of a month. Write down all your wins and all the steps you have taken to attain your goals. You will notice that if you don’t have a particularly productive day, you will be more motivated to get something accomplished the next day. When you look back on your month, you will be amazed at how much you actually accomplished.

Flying Takes Courage

I do believe it takes courage to fly planes. I think that is why there is such a strong network of people who are pilots. They understand the devotion it takes to get a license and all the additional training that goes into after this step. It takes commitment and mindfulness to be a good pilot. Flying challenges you to be a better person.

Your Passion Will Drive You!

Keep The Fire Alive

Everyone needs to find that thing that will keep the fire alive inside of them and striving to keep learning and growing. As I stated earlier, it does not matter what phase of life you are in, you can always learn and grow no matter what age you are. Be open to your next adventure and expand your mind for new beginnings!

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Female Pilot

When people hear I got my private pilots license, they typically want to know why I got into flying. Most people seem perplexed and fascinated, all at the same time, by the fact I fly airplanes. One of the first questions they ask me is if this was always a passion of mine, almost bewildered with my decision to take on this hobby. Each time I’m asked this question, the answer is always the same. “Yes, I grew up around airplanes but never had the chance to actually fly one myself.”

The Accident

When I was younger, my grandfather owned two flight schools in South Florida. Unfortunately, he died in a tragic plane crash on take-off with two other passengers. My grandpa Lew just finished a lesson and asked his student and her father (a personal friend) if they wanted to take a spin. A few of his employees watched from inside his business as he barreled down the runway. One lady, who had worked with my grandfather for a long time, told the family she knew something was wrong when he lifted off. Shortly after takeoff, the plane came down on the roof of a shopping center, hit the air conditioning unit and the plane ignited. Devastatingly, all three on board perished in that crash.

After hearing this story, you may wonder how did I keep the passion for flying. I can’t quit articulate how but the event did not scare me away. I remained fascinated by airplanes and flying throughout my whole life. It could be due to how I felt when I was at his flight schools as a child. I vividly remember all the people flowing through the operations. There were students, CFIs, private pilots, and my grandfather; who seemed larger than life. I remember several Miami Dolphin players coming through and getting their PPL. Of course, the shirts being cut and tagged to the wall after a trainee’s first solo is such an epic event. The whole thing was just so captivating and I never lost those memories.

When My Training Began

Fast forward many years, I would often talk to my husband about these wonderful memories. I always told him I wanted to learn how to fly. One Christmas he made this dream come true. Although it took me four years to call and make an appointment, I was hooked, once I took that introductory flight.

I began my training in December of 2018 and received my PPL in August of 2019. Going to the airport gave me a feeling I never felt before. Pulling up to the airplane, gathering all my equipment, unlocking the airplane, and doing the pre-flight was so exhilarating. I would get a rush of excitement. Anyone who has had a true passion for something, can probably relate to that emotion.

Flight Training

Flight Controls

Now That I am a Pilot

Now that I am a private pilot, I still get the same emotions when I pull up to the airport. What has added to this excitement is flying into the different FBOs across the state. A lot of the FBOs are so cool and they make you feel like a million bucks. In fact, the FBO in Tallahassee is named Million Air. I haven’t ventured out of the state of Florida yet, but I have a feeling that will bring an whole new rush of emotions I haven’t experienced. When I return from a trip, I can’t express the sense of pride I feel. I am so alive and proud of what I just accomplished. Flying has changed my life for the better! It is such an honor to be a female private pilot.

Now I get to share my experiences with you all. I have found a wonderful community who shares the same passion for flying. I look forward to discovering this world with you all and, remember, this is just the start of our journey. Keep coming back here for me more so we can share, share, share! My Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/outflyin_inc/. I would love for you to join my OutFlyin tribe.

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