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Good Product for Beautiful Eyelashes

Sometimes it is so difficult to stay relevant and hip.  We are busy running around for everyone else that we don’t have time to focus on ourselves.  I’m going to try to simplify life for you and provide some useful tools that will keep you ahead of the curve.  Having big, beautiful eyelashes is one way to help you stand out. They make you feel prettier and will get you a lot of attention.  It’s also pretty easy to do.

Take it from me – I’m not a very showy person but I do love products that are easy to use and make me feel wonderful.  In the past, I went to a lady who applied fake eyelashes.  What a process!  The first time I went, I laid down on my back for hours while she applied the lashes.  It was so long that my back started to ache and I had to keep repositioning myself, which wasn’t easy.  She had the setup in her home so I had to listen to her children bickering the entire time.  Needless to say, it wasn’t very relaxing.


I had to go back every few weeks to reapply the lashes that had fallen out.  Also, fix the lashes that were sticking together or that had grown way to long and looked ridiculous.  Don’t get me wrong, when I would leave her house they would look fabulous but they certainly didn’t stay that way.  It wasn’t like I was in and out, either.  Reapplying the lashes still took a tremendous amount of time.  Time I did not have.

When I finally had to remove them because I just couldn’t keep up with them anymore, I was disappointed and didn’t feel as pretty.  I decided to look into a few products that would help them grow.  I decided on ALPHAEON eyelash serum because I heard the product not only made your eyelashes longer but they also made them thicker.  When I went to their website, the first thing I saw was “I want to defy aging.” Yup, that is me.  I am going down fighting so if you can help me defy aging, I’m going to try it.


First you have to find a doctor that will sell it.  If you go to their website, they will assist.  Once you buy the product and start using it, you will have to wait about thirty (30) days, maybe longer, before you start to see any results.  Then it’s like magic!  All of a sudden you wake up one morning, apply your mascara, and WALLA – you have big, beautiful lashes.

Now you can’t stop there.  The key is you have to continue to use the product.  You apply it every night before you go to bed.  I do see a difference if I don’t use it a few nights in a row so must be diligent.  I can tell you that I’ve noticed a big difference with the length and thickness of my lashes and I get many compliments.  The one downfall is if the serum touches other places, you may notice some hair growth (i.e. corner of my inner eye).  It’s nothing that a small pair of scissors can’t take care of.  Now it’s time to enjoy your new, long, thick, beautiful eyelashes!

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