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how do you challenge yourself

If you read my post from yesterday, you know what I’m about to ask.  Do you want to know how to challenge yourself on weekends?  Did you jump on tasks to get closer to your goals or did you use the weekend as an excuse not to take action?  Congratulations to those who decided there is nothing that will stand in their way, challenged themselves, and made a decision to take action.  For those of you who came up with excuses, you still have today.

I don’t know what the weather is like in your area, but where I am from, its’s raining.  Instead of using this as a lazy day, I’m going to leverage this day and spend time working on my Ebook.  There is nothing better than sitting by the window, with a cup of coffee and my computer, and glancing at rain in between hammering out a few paragraphs. Accept the challenge right now?  What do you want to accomplish today?


Set your goals for the day and go.  Make the decision to take action.  Set big goals but don’t overwhelm yourself.  If you feel overwhelmed, you will become indecisive.  Don’t become paralyzed this weekend.  If you attain a few goals today, you will be that more excited to wake up Monday morning and start again.  You will feel accomplished.

If you take a break on the weekends, you will lose momentum.  Momentum is everything.  When you have momentum you will have natural energy that comes over you.  You will be in the right mindset, you will be organized, and extremely focused.  Your Monday mornings will change and you will feel more energized than ever before.  You won’t ever have the Monday morning blues again.  Mondays will now be welcomed and will become the most important day of the week.  You can use Monday’s as a benchmark.  Every Monday morning, review the previous week and celebrate all your accomplishments.

Challenge Yourself!

August 20, 2017 2 comments
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why working weekends will contribute to your success

Are you working today?  Do you plan to work tomorrow?  If you answer no to these questions, why not?  Yes, I know it’s the weekend but who cares.  You committed all week to take action and get closer to your goals so why stop on the weekend.  Saturdays and Sundays should give you even more time to work and commit to yourself.  Don’t use weekends as an excuse not to hustle.  If you have family and friend commitments this weekend, that is great; but block out time to work.  Hustle harder than anyone else.

You’ve asked yourself what it takes to really succeed.  I’m here to tell you that the truly successful people work weekends.  It’s time to step it up a notch.  Don’t complain things are happening for you if you’re not willing to work harder.  If you’re not tired then chances are you are not putting in the effort it takes to be successful.  You will have time to take a break later.  Right now you have more important things to do.


Remember, this is your passion.  If you believe in your goals than taking breaks on the weekend doesn’t make sense.  Of course I believe in family time.  Therefore, if you need to wake up a few hours early so you don’t interfere with family time, do it!  If you need to stay up a few hours after you put the kids to bed, do it!  Just stop making excuses.

Excuses will get you nowhere.  Remove all the obstacles that are standing in your way.  That includes excuses.  If you are not working today, rethink that plan.  You are doing yourself an injustice.  Go ahead, get motivated.  Make a plan and determine what you want to accomplish today.  Block out the time in your schedule and hustle.  Think about how good you will feel once you incorporate weekends into your overall plan.  Go!

August 19, 2017 1 comment
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Now that you are taking action on your goals and following your passion, it is going to get really hard so be prepared.  The reason it is going to get hard is because you’re probably not going to see results as fast as you want.  You may become frustrated so it is important to recognize the  victories, no matter how small.  Once you take action, it can be one month, one year, two years or longer to start seeing any kind of major results.  If you pay close attention you will see small positive things happen over time.  These small victories are bringing you closer to your ultimate goals.


After you have identified what you are truly passionate about and what gets you excited to wake up in the morning, time becomes a non-issue.  Every day you are doing something you love.

Patience will be key during this process.  People want it now.  When it doesn’t happen quickly, that is when we give up.

Small victories must be celebrated to keep spirits high.  If there isn’t a seismic shift, you automatically assume there are no results.  Identify one thing a day that got you closer to your goal.  It may be as simple as learning something knew.  These acknowledgements will get you through the challenging times and reward you for all your hard work.  Small victories will also keep you headed in the right direction…Forward!

During these tough times, you will think about giving up.  That’s okay.  Everyone who is pursuing a major goal will feel like giving up many times.  The reality is only a small percentage of of people actually keep going when it gets tough.  Most people don’t have it in them to push through the adversity.  As soon as someone gets tired and frustrated, they tap out and their goals are put to the side.  It will take tremendous discipline to get where you want to go.

If you have it in you, push forward when it gets hard and celebrate all the victories.  You will be able to represent that small percentage of people who actually makes it happen.


August 18, 2017 2 comments
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What Obstacles are Standing Between You and Your Goal

Have you identified what obstacles are standing between you and your goal?  You tell yourself everyday, if only I could change this, I could achieve my goals.  Be honest with yourself.  It might be a small obstacle or it may require major heavy lifting.  If you know that it is standing between you and your dreams, get rid of it.


The obstacle that you have identified might have become so engrained into your life, in form of a habit, that you don’t how to remove it.  This is going to take major will power.  It’s going to be hard but it will be worth it.  You’ve come up with all the reasons on why you can’t start or accomplish your goals now it is time to get rid of the excuses.

The first thing you must do is make a decision to remove anything that is going to stand in the way of your dreams.  Next, take action!  You have one shot at this life.  Forget about the past and make your future count.  Remove the obstacle and watch how much your life will flourish.

August 17, 2017 3 comments
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How to Take Action by Taking The First Step Forward

Today, I want you to make the decision to get control and take “Action”  To accomplish your goals and truly be successful, you have to do something about it.  No one else is going to do it for you.  Many of us sit around wish, pray, and hope for something amazing to occur but it never does.  Does it?  We think how great it would be if…  If I had millions of dollars in the bank, if I had the freedom to travel the world, if I were the CEO of the company, if I started the non-profit that I know would make a differnce, if I accomplished the goals I set out for myself; but we are not willing to take that first step.


The reality is there is such a small percentage of us that will actually do something about it and take action.  Are you one of them?  You have big dreams but you are not willing to do what it takes.  You are paralyzed by the thought of taking a step forward.  You don’t know where to start so you make a decision not to start.  You have just made your goal beyond reach.

If you just take that first step, you can accomplish remarkable things.  Take action today.  Don’t wait until tomorrow or when the time is right.

Start right now!  Just one first step and move forward.  No matter how small the step is, just take it!

August 16, 2017 4 comments
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Do Leaders Know How To Shift Negative Company Cultures

Great leaders come in many forms but all have one thing in common: They understand the dynamics of people. People are the backbone of an organization. Without cooperation and collaboration within a business, you will fail. It is critical to the success and culture of the organization to find out what makes people tick. Common sense tells you that treating people the same will not work. For some reason, many managers do not know of any other way. Even worse, some managers feel they need to dictate versus collaborate.


Great leaders know how to motivate people who want to be motivated. Let me be clear: There are some people who, no matter how great a leader is, cannot be bothered or inspired. You can’t motivate someone who doesn’t want to be motivated. That’s a hiring issue. I’m not talking about the people who may be going through a rough patch and need support. As long as they have the fire within them, they deserve the time and energy to get through a traumatic event. I’m talking about unenthusiastic people. A better and more accurate word to describe these individuals is lazy. Lazy people need to take their lack of energy elsewhere. To be successful, you have to surround yourself with people who want to grow and contribute to the accomplishments of an organization.

Reassess And Re-Energize

Great leaders analyze their staff on a consistent basis and determine who’s contributing and who isn’t. Leaders need to keep people focused and engaged in tasks. It’s up to the leader to create and nourish the atmosphere for maximum performance.  People stay motivated and work harder when they feel they are part of a bigger purpose.

Once the tone is set, leaders need to be sure they handle individuals differently. Find their hot buttons! Determine how you can get more out of people so they feel energized about the mission.


Listening is the easiest way to find out what’s important to your employees. Sounds simple, but many managers do not listen to what their people are telling them. They go about it all wrong, making it more about them and their needs. All good leaders know it’s really about their employees. Sure, you benefit but it really is what makes them energized. Listen to what your employees are saying and know what excites them. These are your tools to motivate.



Motivation could come in the form of money, time off, a handshake, acknowledgment in front of others, a group outing, a coffee gathering at 3 p.m., book club, a monthly recognition program, etc. If you’re providing the wrong recognition, you may actually be causing distress for the employee. For example, if someone is uncomfortable with recognition in front of others but you deliver this big elaborate acknowledgment in front of all their peers, this person may try to avoid recognition again in the future. Therefore, their productivity goes down just to avoid being uncomfortable in front of their peers. Again, it seems like common sense but if you do not listen to your employees, you may never know this about someone.

I firmly believe leaders are developed and not born. If you can learn the basics of leadership, you have the potential to become an influential leader. The biggest impact you can have is on your people. If you have a keen sense of what makes people tick, you can master leadership.

This article was originally posted on Forbes.com.

August 14, 2017 1 comment
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How to identify a company culture disaster

The company culture you create is the heart of your business. If the heart of your business is skipping a beat in any way, it can have damaging effects on your output. As an entrepreneur or leader of a company, it is your responsibility to monitor the company culture and make swift moves when necessary. You have to put your finger on the pulse and be ready to resuscitate when needed. What if you do not know how to identify whether you have a company culture problem? Simply put, your business will die.

The Company Culture Is Your Responsibility

Your people are your No. 1 asset. They are your producers. If they cannot relate to your company culture or if your culture is toxic, their productivity will shut down. On the other hand, when your company culture is electric you will have more output, creative ideas, camaraderie, trust, respect, and the list goes on.

Make sure your employees know your company’s core values. These values must be discussed often and practiced persistently. Think of them as the arteries to the heart, steering employees to make the right decisions. Do not put your head in the sand. You owe it to your employees and to yourself to fix the problem.

Here are three simple ways to identify whether you have a company culture disaster:

  1. Be Very Honest With Yourself

If your gut is telling you there is a problem then chances are there is trouble.

Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Productivity is down. Are you noticing sales calls are not what they used to be?
  • Your team is slacking. Do you have more customer service complaints?
  • HR is getting involved. Human resources grievances are on the rise.
  • People are leaving. Turnover is up and may be at an all-time high.
  • The vibe is off. There’s no energy around the office.
  • You hear negative talk. Trust me, if you walk around enough and be seen, you will hear the negativity.
  1. Ask Your Employees

Remember, your employees are the lifeline of your company. If they are not happy, you must figure out why. You can get to the core of the problem by keeping the dialogue open. If you fear they will not be honest with you, I have a few workarounds to get you the feedback you desire:

  • Conduct a confidential survey. This survey does not have to be elaborate or sophisticated. You can ask a few questions and leave space for honest feedback. If you need help with this, there are some great resources online. Be honest with your employees and let them know you need their feedback in order to make necessary changes.
  • Put out a suggestion box. The key to success with a suggestion box is to promote it heavily. Encourage consistent feedback. It will become a dusty old box with no significance if you do not own it.
  • Invite a random sample of employees to come talk with you. If you feel like this might be too intimidating, have them speak with another member of your staff. This might be an HR person or another trusted leader within your organization. Make sure this person is an individual with authority and can handle confidential information.
  • Hire an outside firm. Depending on the size of your company and the severity of the issue(s), you may choose to hire someone from the outside. Employees may feel more comfortable sharing with someone that is not a colleague. Just keep in mind that it might be a little pricey — but worth it if you have that big of a problem.
  • Buy employee survey software. Click here for the top-rated employee engagement software.
  1. Clearly Communicate Company Values

If you have never clearly defined your company’s values, then it will be difficult to form the culture you need in order to be successful. If they do not have values to adhere to, it’s difficult for employees to make proper decisions or to connect with anything.

Personal development and values typically coincide with the values of the company. Employees will be confused if a core value is “trust” but all the leadership makes decisions behind closed doors. What if comradery is important to someone but creative brainstorming is only done with key members of management? You get my point — you will have disgruntled employees and poor morale.

Save yourself from a culture disaster by staying involved, asking many questions and communicating clearly. Your company’s success depends on it!

This article originally appeared here on Forbes.com.

August 7, 2017 1 comment
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How Will Managers’ Incompetence Ruin the Company Culture?  I recently read a blog from Seth Gobin about the Peter Principle.  The Peter Principle states that if you do a good job, you get promoted, until you reach a job where you’re incompetent, and there you stay!  In other words, many organizations have  people in certain jobs that are not effective.  “Managers rise to the level of their incompetence.”

Let the Peter Principle really sink in for a moment. What this is telling us is that we have many managers leading people who have no business being in their current positions.  Think about what their incompetence is doing to the culture of that company.

According to a Dale Carnegie whitepaper (Recognizing Leadership Blind Spots and Discovering the Road to Motivating Your Employees), “Just 15% of employees strongly agree the leadership in their company makes them enthusiastic about the future.  In another study, only 23% say that their leaders, overall, are effective.  Those statistics are mind-blowing.

If a company truly understands the importance of culture they must address and fix the people issues.  Y  We must ensure we have the right people in the right places.  If we have incompetent managers anywhere in the organization, the culture will never thrive.

The numbers don’t lie.  Analyze your management team and determine who is an who isn’t effective.  Act swift and make the right changes.

August 4, 2017 1 comment
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If you are like me, you are always exploring ways to better yourself.  Recently I discovered if I just get up an additional 20 minutes earlier, I can spend time reading.  I found that reading gets my brain active, I start to explore new things, and I am more prepared to start my day.  I get up before anyone in the house and I have an additional 20 minutes just for myself.

Reading helps me establish my short term goals and drives me closer to my long term goals.  Once I am finished with my early morning reading, I spend a few minutes running through my long term goals.  I have 4 major goals that I work towards every single day.  My creativity starts to bubble.  Fresh ideas flow through my mind and I am amped.  I know what I want to accomplish and I am ready to make it happen.

My suggestion is to find that early morning ritual that gets your mind and blood stirring.  It is a time you will look forward to every morning and it will be difficult not to start your day out on the right note.  This is time you must take advantage of.   I only wish I discovered this sooner but I am thankful I have it in my life now.  Do this for YOU!



August 3, 2017 2 comments
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My Quest To Help Create Unique And Thriving Company Cultures

I became fascinated with the way people interacted in certain social settings while I studied Social Psychology at the University of Florida. So much so, I was going to continue my education and become an Industrial Psychologist. Due to financial restraints, I decided to pursue my career in Human Resources and received a Master’s in Human Resources Management, while getting practical experience.  This career path put me in front of many types of Managers.

As a Human Resources professional, I was able to explore different methods of inspiration and motivation. I observed many great managers, good managers, insignificant managers, and terrible managers. I was also able to observe strong managers vs. strong leaders. There is a significant difference between managers and leaders. The biggest difference I found was the leader’s ability to impact culture and create a sense of togetherness.


I spent 12 years in Human Resources Management before I made the move into Sales leadership. Interestingly, what prompted me to make the move was a poor manager. Today, I am so thankful for this blessing or I may never have ventured into this crazy and exciting world of Sales. Nevertheless, I have witnessed how a culture can enhance or cripple the success of an organization.

I have been fortunate to experience several different cultures throughout my 23-year career. I have been involved in some amazing atmospheres and, on the other hand, some that completely lacked luster.  These unexciting environments do not produce the results needed for success.  People do just enough to get by because they just do not care.

I often draw upon my experience to teach others how to easily develop a thriving environment.  The first thing to do is remove anyone who is toxic.  Get the bad managers out!  There is no room for someone who will jeopardize the integrity of your culture.


I think back at a vivid time in my career where I had to deal with a demoralizing atmosphere. I believe the majority of the population has dealt with situations similar to mine. I had a boss who believed the way to manage was through intimidation. What he did not realize was this type of management actually demotivated people. Instead of making people feel they were part of something bigger, he made people disinterested in the overall goal. Additionally, he hired people just like him so it compounded the issue.

Unfortunately, the people around him felt helpless. Being one of those people, I started to become disenchanted and I wanted out. I felt extremely guilty about these thoughts since I knew I had people who relied on me. Although I tried to keep a stoic face, I know my team could read my emotions. In turn, I was concerned that would rub off on them.  The culture was is jeopardy and I did not want to contribute the failure.  It was time for me to step up.

I knew I had to bring life back into the environment.  I owed it to my team so I  got to work.  It would be an upward battle but I was determined not to give up.   I still had passion for my job and my team counted on me.  Leaders must realize the impact they have on their surroundings.

First thing I had to do was get my head back into the game. It was not fair for my people or me if I was not giving it my all every day. Furthermore, I could not expect my team to give me their best effort if I was not doing the same. I decided then and there we would persevere and create our own culture.  We had really good people in the organization and I needed to do what I could to save them from leaving.


Do not get me wrong, you have to be mind-strong if you are going to initiate a culture change.  It is extremely challenging and it requires you to step out of your comfort-zone.  You may face adversity but you have to fight for what you believe in.  That is what makes you a leader.  People have to trust you and know you have their best interest at heart.

From the beginning of my career, I have recognized how critical the culture is to the success of the organization. If the culture is compromised and you are in a position of leadership, it is your responsibility to take action. You must lead through the instability and find ways to develop comradery. If you do not react, you will be left with chaos and an organization full of mistrust.  People will leave.

Looking back over all my experiences, I grew passionate about helping others  create the culture they need to prosper.  No culture is the same, nor should it be.  It is important to know what you want to be known for and stick by those values.  Any compromise to those values will derail the entire mission.  Most importantly, make hiring and firing decisions based on your core values.  Do not tolerate bad managers.

July 26, 2017 2 comments
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