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Why I became a pilot

I became a pilot because I wanted to challenge myself on a whole different level. People are amazed when they learn that I fly airplanes. They think I am brave and courageous, which I can understand a bit. If you have never been in a private plane I can see how people can think flying an airplane could be scary. What I realized is how much safer you feel when you are actually in control of the airplane.

Becoming A Private Pilot

This experience of becoming a private pilot has changed me in so many ways. I realize when you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything you want. No one can stop you because you are in charge of your own thoughts, actions, and destiny. Becoming a pilot made me realize there is so much more out there to accomplish and we now have the ability to explore the world. I do see getting your private pilots license as a huge accomplishment. Not just for the flying aspect but, for reaching higher and thinking bigger.

Flying Give Me Inner Strength

Flying gives me a sense of inner strength that I never knew I had. It made me look at my life in a much different way. I use to look at life in short windows and smaller goals. Now I see how big this world can be and what impact you can make.

Put Yourself Out There

It’s time to put yourself out there. It doesn’t matter your age or the circumstances you are in, just take action. You don’t have to take major leaps, just do something small every single day. Write in a journal and document your progress. I challenge you to do this over the course of a month. Write down all your wins and all the steps you have taken to attain your goals. You will notice that if you don’t have a particularly productive day, you will be more motivated to get something accomplished the next day. When you look back on your month, you will be amazed at how much you actually accomplished.

Flying Takes Courage

I do believe it takes courage to fly planes. I think that is why there is such a strong network of people who are pilots. They understand the devotion it takes to get a license and all the additional training that goes into after this step. It takes commitment and mindfulness to be a good pilot. Flying challenges you to be a better person.

Your Passion Will Drive You!

Keep The Fire Alive

Everyone needs to find that thing that will keep the fire alive inside of them and striving to keep learning and growing. As I stated earlier, it does not matter what phase of life you are in, you can always learn and grow no matter what age you are. Be open to your next adventure and expand your mind for new beginnings!

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Female Pilot

When people hear I got my private pilots license, they typically want to know why I got into flying. Most people seem perplexed and fascinated, all at the same time, by the fact I fly airplanes. One of the first questions they ask me is if this was always a passion of mine, almost bewildered with my decision to take on this hobby. Each time I’m asked this question, the answer is always the same. “Yes, I grew up around airplanes but never had the chance to actually fly one myself.”

The Accident

When I was younger, my grandfather owned two flight schools in South Florida. Unfortunately, he died in a tragic plane crash on take-off with two other passengers. My grandpa Lew just finished a lesson and asked his student and her father (a personal friend) if they wanted to take a spin. A few of his employees watched from inside his business as he barreled down the runway. One lady, who had worked with my grandfather for a long time, told the family she knew something was wrong when he lifted off. Shortly after takeoff, the plane came down on the roof of a shopping center, hit the air conditioning unit and the plane ignited. Devastatingly, all three on board perished in that crash.

After hearing this story, you may wonder how did I keep the passion for flying. I can’t quit articulate how but the event did not scare me away. I remained fascinated by airplanes and flying throughout my whole life. It could be due to how I felt when I was at his flight schools as a child. I vividly remember all the people flowing through the operations. There were students, CFIs, private pilots, and my grandfather; who seemed larger than life. I remember several Miami Dolphin players coming through and getting their PPL. Of course, the shirts being cut and tagged to the wall after a trainee’s first solo is such an epic event. The whole thing was just so captivating and I never lost those memories.

When My Training Began

Fast forward many years, I would often talk to my husband about these wonderful memories. I always told him I wanted to learn how to fly. One Christmas he made this dream come true. Although it took me four years to call and make an appointment, I was hooked, once I took that introductory flight.

I began my training in December of 2018 and received my PPL in August of 2019. Going to the airport gave me a feeling I never felt before. Pulling up to the airplane, gathering all my equipment, unlocking the airplane, and doing the pre-flight was so exhilarating. I would get a rush of excitement. Anyone who has had a true passion for something, can probably relate to that emotion.

Flight Training

Flight Controls

Now That I am a Pilot

Now that I am a private pilot, I still get the same emotions when I pull up to the airport. What has added to this excitement is flying into the different FBOs across the state. A lot of the FBOs are so cool and they make you feel like a million bucks. In fact, the FBO in Tallahassee is named Million Air. I haven’t ventured out of the state of Florida yet, but I have a feeling that will bring an whole new rush of emotions I haven’t experienced. When I return from a trip, I can’t express the sense of pride I feel. I am so alive and proud of what I just accomplished. Flying has changed my life for the better! It is such an honor to be a female private pilot.

Now I get to share my experiences with you all. I have found a wonderful community who shares the same passion for flying. I look forward to discovering this world with you all and, remember, this is just the start of our journey. Keep coming back here for me more so we can share, share, share! My Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/outflyin_inc/. I would love for you to join my OutFlyin tribe.

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Changing a culture is a monumental task. There are so many personalities that impact the environment. Some people can do wonders for the culture and other can be down right toxic. You cannot change people or their personalities but you can create a healthy environment and choose the behavior that is acceptable.

Recently, our team had the challenge of a lifetime. Over the past two years, we brought two completely different cultures together as one. To say the least, it was an extraordinary situation and one of my most challenging career endeavors. It took a lot of grit from my and my managers. Not only did we have to bring two companies together as one but we also had to do it for the better part of two years in two separate buildings.

I remember at the beginning I thought we were doing a great job keeping everyone focused, informed, and excited about the future. We were in the process of a new building build-out and we would eventually bring everyone under one roof. Exciting time, right? Wrong! It appeared not everyone was as excited as I was. Some employees did not want to relocate since they would have a longer drive and some employees just did not have to come together with the “other-side.” We actually felt the rift between the “North” and the “South” buildings. (That is what we called the two location.)

As we got core and closer to the move, the negativity was at an all time high and alliances were forming. As the leader of this team, I could see it all transpire and I was desperate to break down the walls and make sure we were creating an “US” environment. I knew we had great people in both buildings and we could be a huge force to be recon with, if we could just get out of our own way.

At the end of the day, the culture is what we all make of it. You will always have your bad seeds you have to contend with you address those people quickly. For the most part, people are good and they want to enjoy their days at work. People do not want to be around the negativity since is breed more negativity. Employees cannot thrive in these types of environments.

In order to change the culture, you have to address issues head on. You can not ignore what is going on around you. I promise you, it will not go away by putting your head in the sand. The problems only get worse Get the negativity out of the building and do not tolerate it moving forward Surround yourself with good people who are also culture champions. Yes, you have to make some tough decisions but those decisions make your organization better. You can be open and hear people out but employees should come to you with a solution for each problem. It is too much to take on if you try to fix every problem that comes across your desk. First of all, on one is that smart and no one as all the right answers.

Make sure your team knows they are the culture! They will take pride and ownership over this responsibility. Your job as the leader is to foster that culture and get out the negativity. If negative people know they are not going to be heard, they either leave or they stop complaining. There is no room for negativity in an organization. If there is a problem, empower your team to fix it. Empower your team to create the culture. Remember, it is always a work in progress so never take your eye off the ball and continue to fine tune.

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Why do we make excuses for our inability to achieve our goals?  It is time to get real with yourself.  If you are not achieving your goals, it is because you are not trying.  A half ass attempt won’t work either.  Excuses get in the way of your success!  You develop the reasons in your brain that hinder you from moving forward.  You use excuses as a crutch.  When you can remove excuses and own the situation, you can begin to understand what is standing in your way and what you need to do differently to achieve your goals.


It is time to take ownership over your decisions.  If you are only doing the basics, you will not achieve the results you want.  It w ill not happen – Period!  Take away the excuses and take action.  Get real with yourself!

Taking action does not have to be overwhelming.  Again, another excuse.  Clearly identify your goal and get to work.  The point is, take action!  I know this sounds easy…. because it is.  Set small goals for yourself that will lead to your ultimate goal.

The key is to hold yourself accountable.  A good way to keep yourself accountable is to tell someone what you are trying to accomplish.  That person can check in with you every once in a while to make sure you are still on point.  How embarrassing would it be to tell that person you are not taking the action you explained to them?  Ah… that is where all the excuses will creep in. Stop making excuses!  It seems absolutely crazy you would make up excuses when you want something so badly.    You need to ask yourself how bad do you really want it.  If the answer is an emphatic…Really Bad, nothing should stand in your way.  So, why do so many people do the basics and expect greatness? Excuses

People do not reach greatness because they are not willing to put in what it takes,  They don’t take action and they come up with excuses.  They want a reason why they can’t take action.  The reality is you only need to accomplish one small goal each day.  Your excitement will grow and your daily goals will get bigger.  Before you know it, you will be so far down the road and your ultimate goal will be in reach.  Remember, one small goal each day.  Schedule it in your day.  Give yourself a reminder.  Wake up early so time doesn’t become an excuse.  Take action and lose the excuses for heaven sakes!


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What is my purpose

My family and my career often define who I am but what is my purpose?  I know there is so much more about me that give purpose to this life. I work really hard at being the best mom, wife, and boss I can be. I acknowledge I am not always perfect but I do recognize when I need to adjust. The best advice I can give others and myself is to find the motivation that will continue to improve your life.

How do I find motivation each day? I am not going to lie, some days I wake up more motivated than others. Motivation comes in waves. What I do know, is when it comes; I take full advantage of these flashes of brilliance. I feel excited and focused and I do not want the feeling to go away. The best thing is to strike while the iron is hot. It is not easy keeping your motivation at a high level day in and day out. It is important to push through even when you are just not feeling it.

We are all individuals and get motivated in different ways. For me, it comes from the pit of my stomach. It is a feeling I cannot shake and I have to react. Most of the time my motivation comes from the need to blog. I need to get my feelings down and I get a thrill when I post. I write even if no one reads it. I do it because I love it. I write based on what inspires me and I hope it has an impact on others. It truly is an outlet for me.

What is my purpose

About eight months ago, I was promoted to a new job within my company. I have not written anything in my blog since that day. My priorities shifted quite a bit and I had to focus 100 percent of my time on the job at hand. Recently, I felt something was missing. What was my purpose? I realized I could be more than a mother, wife, and boss. I needed that creative outlet that was all mine. Something I could own.

I remembered how I felt when I was blogging. All of a sudden, I got that excitement back in my belly. I pulled out my personal MacBook; I cleaned it up, and juiced the battery. I am thrilled to say, I am back! That feeling came back when I was blogging almost everyday – pure excitement! Honestly, I did not think anyone was reading my posts back then. After a few months of not posting, I had many people tell me they were inspired by my words. One, I was shocked at how many people read my posts and two; they actually liked what I wrote. I missed this time I took for myself but felt I had to give 110% to my new career.

I have come to realize you can perfect all your crafts and not just focus on one. You can do it all if you are passionate. For me it is all about my family, career, and this creative outlet I have found, blogging. I am able to pull motivation from each of these areas of my life.

I enjoy finding ways to help people find their true purpose. How can we all become the best versions of our self? I like using true-life examples of what I deal with each day by being responsible for a large workforce. I am amazed by people’s work ethic and lack there of. I am surrounded by hundreds of different personalities and how the personalities make environment perform at a high level.

Your true purpose does not have to be one thing. It can be the culmination of things that provide you with motivation. If you can find your true purpose you will find the best version of yourself.

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Why do I Live an Average Life

I remember the moment I asked myself, why do I live an average life?  That is the moment I decided I needed to change everything.  I needed to change my morning routine, how I communicated with people, how often I exercise, how much I drink, and how much I focus on making myself a better person.

Over the past several months, I have completely changed the way I operate my life.  I like to wake up at least an hour before my girls rise for school.  Mind you, I was not doing this six months ago.  Six months ago I was getting only fifteen minutes prior to the girls and that was just to take a shower.  That did not leave me much time to do anything for myself.  Now I use this time to write my blog post for the day or I spend time reading.  I find the mornings I have the most creativity and best concentration so I want to take full advantage of my creative state.

By the time the girls wake up, I have already accomplished a tremendous amount and I feel immense fulfillment.  Many times, I’m left wanting more.   Six months ago, I could have never said this.  I was going through the motions and not doing anything that was getting me closer to my goals.  I was getting ready for the day, dropping the girls off at school, and then driving my 45 minute commute to work.  Frankly, my day really didn’t get started until I walk through the doors at my job.  It was very monotonous and predictable.

I felt average even though I strived for much more.  What I didn’t realize at the time, I was doing it all wrong.  I would often think to myself what I was doing wrong.  If I just knew what I needed to , I would do it.  It wasn’t what I was doing wrong, it was what I wasn’t doing.  I was stuck in the predictable trap and not growing.

Why do I Live an Average Life

I was doing what most somewhat successful people do.  I worked hard, I got involved with different charities, I became a Board Member, I signed up for different networking groups and attended meetings here and there.  I was oblivious and truly thought this was all I had to do to achieve greatness.  I was so frustrated when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

Imagine that, just doing the basics did not get me to the results I was craving.  I look at the things I am doing now and it is so much more than what I did six months ago.  I wake up each morning with a with a clear purpose.  I look at time as a precious asset and something I need to maximize.  If I find myself drifting to actions that will not benefit my goals, I snap myself out of it, and get back on track.  I never viewed my time this intently before.  I am more focused on learning and stepping out of my comfort-zone.  I now want to feel uncomfortable because then I know I am doing and growing.

I look back now and understand how average I was, even though I had a burning desire inside of me to obtain greatness.  I can now see the ability to obtain what I have set out to do.  Six months ago I had way too many roadblocks that I put in my own way.  Some of these roadblocks I didn’t even know I had until I started down this path.  I have now removed most roadblocks, even though I discover different roadblocks standing in my way all the time.  I have several ah-ha moments where I realize I what is holding me back.  You learn a tremendous amount about yourself through the process.  You will realize you can actually accomplish more than you even thought possible once you start making better decisions.

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Why Tuesdays Are The Most Productive Day of The Week

Why Tuesdays are the most productive day of the week.  We are past Monday and we are into our groove.  You have to wake up refreshed and ready to accomplish big goals.  If you are not getting the results you want, you have to change it up.  Keep moving forward but tweak the process so you get the results you desire.

Part of obtaining your goals is the journey.  What you learn about yourself along the way makes it all worth the challenges you face.  How strong are you?  If you give up too early, you will never know what your mind can endure.  You will never know what you are willing to sacrifice.

Why Tuesdays Are The Most Productive Day of The Week

If you enjoy the journey and have a positive mindset, you will be able to demand more from yourself.  If you didn’t accomplish what you wanted on Monday, use your energy built up and make Tuesday a spring board.  Most of the people around you will be the most focused, as well.  Use their energy!

Max Messmer, Chairman of Accountemps and author of Managing your Career for Dummies, believes that Mondays are spent catching up from the previous week and a lot of time is spent planning for the days ahead.  He said in a press release, “On Tuesday, employees may begin to have time to focus on individual tasks and become more productive. The goal should be to maintain the positive momentum established on Tuesday throughout the week.”

Take advantage of your Tuesdays.  Start the day ready to go.  Wake up early and have your goals in place.  Know exactly what you want to accomplish on this day.  Your Tuesday will set you up for the rest of the week.  You will have more energy and more focus.  Know how to use your time wisely.  Just like understanding the mornings are when you brain is most active, Tuesdays are the most productive day.  Take advantage of them.

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When Your Mind Tells You it is Time to Stop

When your mind tells you it is time to stop, how do you keep pushing forward?  Your mind is a powerful tool and has the ability to keep pushing you forward or completely shut you down.  Successful people have the ability to keep pushing through when times get tough.  Even though your mind might be telling you it is time to throw in the towel, successful people find the will to keep going.  This can be extremely hard to do especially when you are not seeing the results you want day after day.

There are days you have to just go through the motions in order to stay on track.  Other times, your mind might be telling you it is time for a little break.  It is very likely you may need to recharge.  You get so wrapped up in the day to day projects, you can get burned out.  If you are burned out, you will lose your creative flow.  Break the routine to find different results.

When Your Mind Tells You it is Time to Stop

Take a step back and reevaluate what you are trying to accomplish.  If you are too emotionally connected at all times, you may be missing key elements that can advance your efforts in a significant way.  Have passion for what you are doing but don’t be too emotionally caught up.  Emotions may cause you to make bad decisions.

The key is not to give up.  You may have to change courses a bit but keep moving forward.  This is the most challenging stage.  You get tired, your not seeing results, and you are completely frustrated.  This is where the majority of people give up.  It’s those people who understand the process, know how to re-evaluate their actions, and go after it at a different angle.  It’s possible that just a couple of small tweaks is all your really needed.  Those people who gave up, will never know.


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How do You Motivate Your Children

How do you motivate your children?  What type of motivational talks are appropriate?  Their minds and experiences aren’t the same as adults.  How do you really get through to them and explain how important their actions impact the rest of their life?  I not talking about morales you teach and the right from wrongs, I’m referring to lighting that fire within them.  As parents, do we have the ability to pull something out of them at a very young age?

Can we inspire a child early on by giving them strong motivational talks or are the teachings above what they can comprehend?  Can we have the influence on children the same way we do adults?  I believe everyone’s motivation is innate, including children.  Just like adults, some children can be motivated and other’s it may take an act of God.  Our job as parents is to get to the core of what and where you can push and inspire, so w can bring the best out of our children.

I had a personal situation this morning that made me think even deeper about how motivation can influence children.  I have three daughters that are all on varying degrees of the motivational spectrum.  One is and always has been very self motivated.  One is self motivated but needs a little push here and there.  One needs to be pulled like a stubborn horse that doesn’t want to go back into the stable.

I had my two younger daughters in the car, in the drop of lane, when we started to discuss upcoming opportunities at school.  We talked about different sport programs they would try out for and running for student council.

How doYou Motivate Your Children

A little background, my middle daughter is the more reserved one of the three.  She doesn’t really like to put herself out there unless she is pushed.  At the beginning of last year, she let me know she was going to run for class representative.  Although I strongly encouraged her to do so, I was a little nervous since this was her first year at the school and she didn’t know a lot of people.  Most of the kids at the school have been together since kindergarten.  I was proud of her for having the courage to run.  It was completely unexpected and out of character.  To our surprise, she won the election and was 7th grade class represenative.  This was a great start of the school year and definitely gave her a boost of confidence.  She went on to run for school PRESIDENT at the end of last year and WON.

Now, for my youngest daughter, she has more confidence wrapped up in her little body than anyone I know.  She fears very little and she is willing to put herself out there more than anyone else in the family.  I was completely baffled when she told me she didn’t want to run for class representative because she was afraid to lose.  She would be embarrassed if she lost since her sister is the President of Student Council.

This got me thinking!   Can my words motivate her and push her through her fear to run for class representative?  Children need to take advantage of these opportunities to grow, even if they don’t win.  Conquer their fears and start the learning young!  You are not going to win everything and you learn from failure.  There is nothing they should be embarrassed about.  At the very least, they should be proud of their courage.  It’s difficult to explain this to an eleven year old so how influential can motivational talks be to young kids?  We will find out!


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How to Achieve Pure Happiness

Happiness is all relative and may change from day to day.  What you are really striving for is to be fulfilled with your life.  If you are fulfilled, you are enjoying things you want to do and doing these things on your own terms.  It is not easy to get this type of freedom.  A constant state of happiness may be difficult to achieve since life tends to throw you curve balls.

If you are ambitious and striving for more, chances are you are chasing the idea of fulfillment.  In reality, you have no idea how you will feel once you get to where you think you want to go.  Will you feel filled, will you be overcome with happiness, or will you want even more and dissatisfied?  You don’t really know until you get there, if you ever get there.

I want to take a different approach and think a bit differently.  What if you know you will never achieve all your dreams?  You wake up extra early every morning, write out all your goals, say your affirmations, maximize every minute of your day, put in all the extra hours. and you still don’t conquer the summit.  How do you achieve happiness?

How to Achieve Pure Happiness

I believe fulfillment in life and happiness are separate from attaining your goals.  Goals are about removing your fear to allow you to strive for more.  Fulfillment and happiness comes from other parts of your life, like your relationships with your family,  how ethical and sincere you live your life on a day to day basis, health, and appreciating the things around you (nature).  Often times, we are so focused on our goals we forget to enjoy what is all around us.

From reading my posts, you know I am a big believer in setting goals and putting in 120% to obtain them.  There are not many people in this world who are capable of massive success.  If you have the fire, nothing is going stop you from doing everything you can to achieve greatness.  It’s important to stop along the way and find your true happiness.

You can obtain all the riches in the world but, if you don’t have happiness, it is all for nothing.

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